Double Layer Single Pass American Leather Strap Rust Color 20mm


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PLEASE NOTE: This is a very limited run. Once they're gone, they're gone!

Redux & Co. original design

  • Exclusive titanium hardware
  • Premium American leather
  • Made in NYC
  • Handcrafted details
  • Designed in Seaport District, NYC
  • Joy Guaranteed.

  • FITS WRIST SIZES: 6.75 - 8.25 inches around. 
    (Pro tip: You can add more holes if needed. Measure your wrist with a piece of string.)

    ***This prototype is pictured with gray stitching. We're going to go with a more subtle brown stitch instead.***

    This one's for all of you who won't deviate from a single pass strap and want less stretch!

    The SL1 single pass strap is a Redux exclusive design executed with American leather and handcrafted right here in New York City and equipped with our original titanium hardware.

    This Wickett & Craig leather is traditionally used for saddles, holsters and sheaths. Skirting leather is painstakingly tanned and drum dyed by hand. These hides boasts a subtle waxy finish from the special treatment. 

    Drum rolling:

    Drum RollDrum rolling


    COURG crew voted, we listened. 

    First, TL;DR Features, full notes below (photos for description and not final).

    1. Strap Construction: Lined
    2. Edge: Sealed
    3. Stitch: Minimal Hand-tied Knot
    4. Tail Tag: RDX Symbol
    5. Tail End: Angle Cut

    1. We'll add a second layer of leather to line the strap. Whereas many straps use a cheaper leather for stiffening in the second  layer, we insisted on using top quality leather for the inner second layer. We think this added expense is worthwhile because it's not just how the strap looks, but how it feels against your skin. I was skeptical at first, because I've been happy with the original raw straps. But when our strap maker said, "That's how I would want my watch strap to be made" -- How could I argue? 

    2. We'll seal the edge (but not with edge paint -- with a proprietary seal protocol). In test installations of the edge painted straps, I found it to be bulky and difficult to use. Instead of paint, our strap maker seals the edge with a natural wax formulation to ensure durability and preserve the internal leather grain. Once the wax is applied, the strap maker burnishes the edge with a leather working tool that applies heat and pressure to protect your investment in superior quality American leather. 

    3. Our strap maker will hand stitch the straps with waxed thread with minimal double knots. The vast majority of you voted for the minimal stitch, which is the one I was leaning towards myself.

    4. We're going to fly solo with the Redux & Co. symbol stamped into the tail. In our original production of leather straps, we included the additional logo from a production partner and found that many of you would have preferred we left it off. And such, this is also our first foray into making our own straps from scratch. So, that's what we're going to do.

    5. We'll finish the tail end with a half hex to complement the gear shape and titanium hardware DNA.

    **Please note the buckle we've used is just for the prototypes because we didn't have the type we designed for leather straps on hand:


    Photos are representative of the final design but as you know we've been making changes, so just remember these are not exact. 


    • Length: 266.7mm (10.5 in.)
    • Width: 20mm


    Customer Reviews

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    Joshua F.
    looks great!

    Looks Great! and feels great! Stiff but comfortable. Will get better with age. Adds a dressier more polished look to the watch.

    Double Layer Single Pass American Leather Strap Rust Color 20mm has a rating of 5.0 stars based on 1 reviews.