Strap Changer Multi-Tool


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PLEASE NOTE: This project is now on hold pending further indications of interest.

  • Adaptable tool for most strap types
  • Solid aluminum case with knurling
  • Quick change tips
  • Innovative design separates for concurrent use

  • We partnered with some watch nerds to produce a special edition strap tool. I’ve never been one for strap change tools, but this design caught my eye for it’s modular pieces that store nicely and offer 4 different tips. I’ve found it extremely helpful for 2-piece strap changes.

    We'll also etch the RDX symbol on one of the caps.

    This is the brain child of our friend Zach, a certified watch geek — this is his dream strap change tool. Zach says:

    On each bit you have one standard strap changing tip, a poker or a fork, as well as a small flathead screwdriver. Use the poker for drilled lugs, the fork for standard lugs, and screwdrivers for lug bars, bezels, bracelet links, or where ever else.

    The bits fit into the body securely, popping into place with a rubber o-ring. To remove a bit, simply grasp the ridge and pull out. Our multi-tool splits in half transforming into two tools, one for bracing, the other for turning.



    • .8mm poker
    • 1.6mm fork
    • 1.4mm flat head 
    • 1.8mm flat head