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TITANIUM. This is the stuff they make jet engines, aircraft skin, airframes, and other aerospace components out of. It's anti-corrosive, 50% lighter than steel, hypoallergenic and anti-magnetic. And then there's the sweet stealthy matte blue-gray anti-bling. Grade 2 vs. Grade 5 Titanium grade 2 is pure titanium and hypoallergenic and will develop its own personal character the more you wear it. Titanium grade 5 is an alloy that adds vanadium and aluminum, which makes the material harder and more scratch resistant. Appearance The grade 5 has slightly less shine and a bit more of the blue-gray right a away. However, over time, the grade 2 will develop your own unique patina as you wear it.

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We recommend printing these at 100% scale. They are sized at 6 x 4 inches.