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adjective | re·dux | rē-ˈdəks | re-ducks
  In Latin, redux (from the verb reducere, meaning "to lead back") —and can mean "brought back", resurrected, or revived.

We make iconic EDC tools that equip heroes to tackle their missions.
But we're not just about what we make.
We're here for the courageous explorers who build a better world.

Everything we do is to encourage and equip you to live with purpose and adventure.
We launched this flight with a simple idea — to build an iconic, reasonably sized, robust timepiece inspired by WW2 pilot watches fused with modern high performance materials. 

& Co.

We made the COURG timepiece and started the Redux journey together with the help of 2,300+ allies. We discussed, voted, debated, and worked on refining some 12 different design elements that shaped the first production run of the COURG. 


COURG is a way point, which is a navigational tool used by pilots to chart their flight across the globe. Way points are composed of 5-letters and made to be spoken as a word so pilots can quickly transmit their location via radio.

This particular way point stands just outside Washington, DC and as you probably guessed — is pronounced COURAGE.

We chose COURG because courage is a character trait we could all use more of — choosing to make the right and often difficult decisions even when we know the going will get tough. It's not the absence of fear — it's getting what needs to get done even when you are afraid.

Now you know — it’s not “CORG”, COURG = COURAGE

Be strong and very courageous, friends.


    Deployed Around the Global

    We hail from over 70 nations that span 6 continents.

    COURGcrew coordinates: 70 nations, 6 continents

      We Are

      Fighter pilots, designers, emergency physicians, CEOs, journalists, soldiers, engineers, philanthropists, biologists, missionaries, firefighters, and more. 

      Crew Navigator

      Taxiing for takeoff
      And that's me, taxiing for takeoff in a SIAI Marchetti SF260 combat ready/fighter trainer. The G-forces in that plane pinned me to my seat and turned my stomach. Fortunately, I learned tips from the military pilot instructors about how to squeeze my quads and core muscles to force the blood in my head so I wouldn't pass out. 
      In many ways, the Redux adventure has challenged me mentally in similar ways. The thrill of soaring and brilliant maneuvers ... the stomach churning queasy feeling of manufacturing ... the muscles exercised to learn how to implement supply chain and customer service reliably. I've learned tons, and continue to push forward with the goal of agile growth.
      Thank you for the fly-by and Godspeed --