Together, we flew Nicholas and his family 10,000 miles to fulfill their Make-A-Wish mission with the foundation’s #GiveWishesWings program.

We’ve partnered with Make-a-Wish foundation to sponsor a young man from the New York City area who lives with muscular dystrophy and wished he could fly in a fighter jet.

As I’ve mentioned, the #COURG crew includes a number of U.S. Air Force and Navy pilots, some of who offered to help make this happen!

Unfortunately, because of the critical nature of Nicholas’ illness, his physician didn’t clear him for the flight. But we weren’t going to drop him, we committed to help him get to his dream of international flight.

So, they've flown some 10,000 miles, and we’re privileged to help make that flight happen.

Personal Mission

This young man’s mission has deep personal meaning to me because years ago the Make-a-Wish foundation helped fulfill the wish of a special young boy in our family who had cancer.

He wanted to visit Lockheed Martin (yes, av-geekery is contagious). It was an adventure of a lifetime and we’re so thankful for that provision.

Now, almost a decade later, he’s now embarking to aeronautics engineering school Embry-Riddle and on the way to designing new aircraft.

That's why we're honored to partner and help fund the life changing work of Make-A-Wish foundation and their mission.

Make-A-Wish x ReduxMake-A-Wish x ReduxMake-A-Wish x ReduxMake-A-Wish x ReduxMake-A-Wish x ReduxMake-A-Wish x Redux

Redux mission control to Nicolas and family:

Takeoff clearance granted. Takeoff runway EWR bearing GIG. Godspeed, and boa viagem (Portuguese for Bon Voyage)!

In Nicolas's own words:

Redux & Co. x Make-A-Wish Foundation