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TITANIUM. This is the stuff they make jet engines, aircraft skin, airframes, and other aerospace components out of. It's anti-corrosive, 50% lighter than steel, hypoallergenic and anti-magnetic. And then there's the sweet stealthy matte blue-gray anti-bling. Grade 2 vs. Grade 5 Titanium grade 2 is pure titanium and hypoallergenic and will develop its own personal character the more you wear it. Titanium grade 5 is an alloy that adds vanadium and aluminum, which makes the material harder and more scratch resistant. Appearance The grade 5 has slightly less shine and a bit more of the blue-gray right a away. However, over time, the grade 2 will develop your own unique patina as you wear it.
PLEASE NOTE: We are not in any way affiliated with the company that sells watches on Amazon India. We do not sell on Amazon at all. If you bought a watch from Amazon India and require support, please reach out to your Amazon seller as it is not our product.
Please list the name and email address used on the original purchase.
Are you the original owner?
Please choose your product / variant requiring service.
How often did you wear it?
Was it running generally on time before, or when you first got it? If not, approximately how fast/slow was it?
Has the watch suffered any impact? Has it been dropped?
Please provide as detailed a description of the issue as you can. Once submitted, we will contact you within 2 business days with next steps.
Note: The Seiko NH35A is rated to -20 to +40 seconds per day. Please verify that your movement strays outside of this specification before requesting repair.

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