Thank you for your interest in writing for Redux & Co.

Redux is highly selective in which guest submissions it chooses to publish. To increase the chances of your article being published, please follow these guidelines:

  • Articles should be a minimum of ~600 words and a maximum of ~3,000 words.
  • Follow the style, format, and tone typical of Redux articles.
  • Organize the article with an introduction and at least a couple sections with headings; they should not be a solid block of text.
  • Include links inline, bonus points for links to existing Redux articles / products.
  • Articles should be well-edited for organization, flow, style, and grammar.
  • You must own rights for the images and other visual assets you include.

You're welcome to send article ideas that align with the Redux vision, mission, and voice.

Articles on subjects of all kinds will be considered, but we are particularly looking for articles that cover:

  • Survival skills, particularly bushcraft, camping, urban, etc.
  • DIY and maker skills/projects, particularly EDC related
  • Family life, particularly fatherhood and marriage
  • Military & aviation history, particularly World War 2
  • Watch history, particularly tool and military watches
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership, particularly side-hustles and startups
  • Work-life-balance, particularly productivity
  • Design, particularly products
  • Faith, particularly in action and service
  • Gear reviews, particularly EDC

Send submissions directly to us (preferred).
Or as a Word document to crew reduxwatch com (you know where to insert the @ .)

We do not allow PR puff pieces or blatant marketing, so please don't waste our time and yours.

For stories we do choose to publish:

  • All articles are subject to editing.
  • Headlines and subheads are subject to change.
  • Content may be edited for style, tone, or substance.
  • Links may be added for context.
  • Art will be added at the discretion of Redux staff.
  • Articles may or may not be promoted across our homepage, in our newsletters, and via our social channels
  • We will be in touch if we decide to publish