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BUCKLE IN! Deep dive ahead. Choose your own adventure.

This is good to the last scroll, so shake off that turkey coma. THANK YOU for keeping us on your radar through thick and thin and radio silence.

What's your mission? Bring it.
Titanium time instruments with zero distractions.


COURG A-11 Hazards

Titanium Grade 2, Date, yellow-black seconds hand
50 ever made. Only 21 17 available to the public.

This is an extremely limited special edition of the COURG A-11 that we made for a squadron of Navy fliers and their crew of 29. We had a minimum order of 50 for the contract, but we still wanted to make it happen for them.

The squadron wanted some specific visual cues taken from their cockpit instrument panels and so we made these painstakingly hand painted second hands we affectionately call the "hazards."

That means we have 21 17 left for you. We won't be making anymore of these.

To level up the thanks, we'll send a portion of profit to families of veterans via Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation. This is a scholarship program for children who have lost a parent in the line of duty, Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation provides much-needed support for struggling military kids and surviving spouses. 

  • COURG : A-11 Hazards
    COURG : A-11 Hazards $ 550.00


Alert: Inventory running low across the fleet.


Mission critical cockpit instruments, fused with diver tools. We drew inspiration from iconic WWII pilot watch designs and upgraded with the modern science of high-performance. COURG is an aviation waypoint to the northwest of Washington, DC, part of the 9/11 commemorative “Freedom route” into the capital. Other waypoints along the route include HONNR and BRVRY.

COURG Titanium Grade 5, Date

  • COURG : Type-A
    COURG : Type-A $ 450.00
  • COURG : A-11
    COURG : A-11 $ 450.00
  • COURG : Zero-Hour
    COURG : Zero-Hour $ 450.00
  • COURG : Type-B
    COURG : Type-B $ 450.00
  • COURG : Minimalist
    COURG : Minimalist $ 450.00

Titanium equips you with a 50% lighter experience than stainless steel and you'll get to feel on your wrist why this precious ferocious metal is what they make jet engines and spaceships out of it. Grade 2 is pure titanium. Hypoallergenic and anti-magnetic, and stealthy grey-blue anti-bling for every mission you tackle. Titanium grade 5 adds alloys into the mix, which yields a harder more scratch resistant surface. Be fierce, friends. 👊👊👊

COURG Titanium Grade 2, No Date

  • COURG : Type-A
    COURG : Type-A $ 450.00
  • COURG : A-11 No Date
    COURG : A-11 $ 450.00
  • COURG : Zero-Hour
    COURG : Zero-Hour $ 450.00
  • COURG : Type-B
    COURG : Type-B $ 450.00
  • COURG : Minimalist
    COURG : Minimalist $ 395.00


    • TANK

      Case, Case Back, Crown, Bezel: Titanium grade 5

      Crown: Screw down, with RDX logo

      Water Resist: 20ATM

      Width: 42mm w/crown, 39mm w/o crown

      Weight: 51 grams (50% < steel)
    • LUME

      Dial & Hands: Matte black with RDXb1 Lume

      Bezel Marker: Green (C3) lume

      Automatic Seiko NH35A

      41 Hour Power Reserve

      Time set: Hacking
    • MORE

      Standard issue G10/NATO strap with exclusive Ti hardware

      Uni-directional 60-click bezel

      20mm Drilled lugs with shoulderless pins

    “Mission accomplished.”

    Gear Hungry


    50% OFF NEW Handcrafted American Leather Straps

    These straps are a Redux exclusive design crafted from Wickett & Craig American leather and equipped with our original titanium hardware. Our Wickett & Craig leather is traditionally used for saddles, holsters and sheaths. It's painstakingly tanned and drum dyed by hand and makes a subtle waxy finish from special care. We chose to keep the edge finish raw — a subtle nod to rough rider adventurers who don't need no silly dainty painted edges.

    This version is a thinner variant of our most recent straps for easier installation and lighter feeling on the wrist. This leather is stronger and offers reduced stretch compared to other softer leathers such as the Horween we've used in the past.

    The Colors.

    Clay. Versatile color dresses up or down. Matures nicely and develops a deep personalized -- dare I say soulful -- patina based on how often you rock it.
    Black. Pitch black. Black stitching. That is all.
    Rust. Demonstrates a time-tested character that's rich in tone and when worn accrues toned creases. (Psst, pro-tip. You can speed up the process with some manual crumpling and distressing.)

    The Single Pass Strap.

    The single pass strap is the simplest construction. The main benefit of a single pass is that if the spring bar on your watch case lug fails, the watch will stay fixed to your wrist because the strap won't fail. Also enables simple installation and quick-swap functionality.

    • Clay Color Single Pass American Leather Strap 20mm
      Clay Color Single Pass American Leather Strap 20mm $ 50.00
    • Pitch Black Single Pass American Leather Strap 20mm
      Pitch Black Single Pass American Leather Strap 20mm $ 50.00
    • Rust Color Single Pass American Leather Strap 20mm
      Rust Color Single Pass American Leather Strap 20mm $ 50.00

    The G10 / NATO Strap.
    This design is often referred to as a NATO strap, but the original name was G10. The British Military of Defense first issued spec G1098, and soldiers requisitioned their own from the quartermaster with the easier to remember G10. The secondary strap prevents the watch case from sliding around on the strap and secures the watch where you want it on your wrist. And if one spring bar on the watch were ever to fail, this strap provides backup so your watch doesn't fall off the strap and into the abyss.

    • Clay Color G10 American Leather Strap 20mm
      Clay Color G10 American Leather Strap 20mm $ 55.00
    • Pitch Black G10 American Leather Strap 20mm
      Pitch Black G10 American Leather Strap 20mm $ 55.00
    • Rust Color G10 American Leather Strap 20mm
      Rust Color G10 American Leather Strap 20mm $ 55.00

    **Please note: Once a leather strap has been installed, it can not be returned because the leather will be marked and we can't resell. 


    Only 2 Left.

    Prototype titanium bands (only diehards need apply). Many of you have asked for these to be sent out into the wild. I’ve hesitated because these are technically still in prototype. But I’m willing to make them for you if you guys want to add one to your kit because I'm not sure when I'll get around to a full production run at this point.

    What’s included?

    + Exclusive custom 3D printed titanium grade 5 endlinks (2)
    + Titanium flex band (1)
    + Level up your prototype maker backer mojo

    Will they fall apart?!

    Absolutely not. I’ve rocked this band for many months now, in the oceans, hiking, rock climbing, even rescuing babies (diaper changes can get downright treacherous :)).

    Lead time?

    Once we have orders in, I'll order the flex bands from Germany. At the same time, I already have a 3D printer nearby who is setup and ready to initiate fabrication of the end links. I estimate we'll have the first batch done in a few weeks.

    If you're someone (like me) who likes learning about the nitty gritty and getting your hands dirty, dig around over here.

    • Prototype Titanium Band 20mm
      Prototype Titanium Band 20mm

    + Lightest watch
    in its class

    + Mission critical visibility 24/7

    + Triple function mechanical bezel

    Free U.S.
    shipping on $100+

    12-Month Warranty

    Secure Checkout

    Hand-Inspected Quality Control


    Back to Black

    Last year we ran Titanium Friday. But this year we’re doing something special. We’re having Black Titanium Friday. We’ve made 4 PVD black titanium COURG prototypes. Here’s the intel on where they operate:

    1. Wedding gift from bride to husband

    2. Accidental sale off the store when I published a test page and a stealthy crew member jumped on it

    3. My dad rocks one

    4. (YOU) That’s right. We’re going to give the last one away.

    Each dollar spent equals one entry.

    Reports From the Field